Frequently Asked Questions


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How much does it cost to use the Driving Range?

A bucket of balls costs €3. You can also check out our list of special offers here.

Do you take card?

We accept payment by both cash and card.

Do I need to use all of my tokens in one go?

No, you can take them with you and use them anytime. For our regular customers, our token deal provides the best value.

Are golf bags allowed?

No, golf bags are not allowed to be brought past reception area.

Is the Driving Range self-service?

Yes, however a member of staff is always only minutes away if you need change, want to hire clubs, or purchase tokens – just give us a call by pressing the button at reception.

Can I bring my own clubs?

Yes, just not your golf bag. If you don’t own clubs you can hire them from us.

Is there a café on-site?

No, but we do offer tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks from reception.

Do you have certified PGA Instructors?

Yes, contact Sergio to book a lesson.